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Due to the persistent drought since June 2022 and in light of the resurgence in 2024 of small villages in the Eastern Pyrenees affected by water scarcity (e.g., water supply by tanker truck), it is necessary to provide a precise update on what is happening in the beautiful village of Sainte Colombe de la Commanderie.

Sainte Colombe de la Commanderie is not at all affected by these water restrictions.

Why is that?


The aquifers of the Roussillon plain are composed of a succession of sand and gravel layers that can hold water, akin to a sponge, more or less isolated from each other by less permeable layers. Two major aquifer families are thus superimposed:

  • A few meters below the surface, in the alluvial deposits of rivers, lie the Quaternary aquifers, also known as phreatic aquifers. They are shallow (between 0 and 40m) and are directly affected by drought and lack of rainfall, as seen in 2023-2024 when a municipality uses them for drinking water supply and irrigation.

  • Located in deeper terrain and up to 250 meters deep are the Pliocene aquifers.


The water that arrives in Sainte Colombe de la Commanderie mainly comes from Thuir, which has its own boreholes for supplying drinking water to its residents, drilled into the deep Pliocene aquifers.


Having unrestricted water at Mas Peu del Causse does not mean that we should not all pay attention to this scarce resource through our daily actions.


Measures have already been put in place since the beginning of 2023 for water management and conservation, and others will follow in the future:

  • Installation of water-saving devices on all faucets and showers in bathrooms,

  • Water recovery tank in all showers,

  • Drip irrigation with timer for vegetation watering,

  • Cover for the outdoor jacuzzi to prevent water evaporation,

  • Eco-responsible guidelines in each room, including recommendations for quick showers.


The measures already implemented have resulted in a saving of 94 m3 of water between the water consumption in 2022 and that of 2023. This is significant! Over 50% of water consumption saved thanks to everyone's participation.


I want to thank you, the guests of Mas Peu del Causse, for your involvement in this goal of preserving our water resource. Together, we will continue to preserve it in the months and years to come and ensure that tourism in this beautiful department of the Eastern Pyrenees has the least possible impact on nature and people.

To learn more about the internal regulations of Mas Peu del Causse, click the button below:

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